Sunday 26 March 2017

Write For Us

   If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to read the “About” page here at Woke Animal Party, you may not know that I’m very open to the idea of collaborations from folk who may be looking to get their writing or views to a wider audience. In fact, I’d be absolutely delighted to receive contributions from anyone with knowledge to share!

   I should, however, acknowledge at this point that there are a number of caveats to this offer. Any posts you submit should be of decent quality – this site doesn’t exist just to publish articles for the sake of it. I’d love to read something genuinely witty or informative; if your post can make me smile, you’re doing a great job. So please, please don’t email me with outsourced posts you’ve commissioned for SEO link-building purposes. I’ve previously worked in the industry and so know all about the black hat practices involved.

   Secondly, and equally importantly, whilst I will very happily include links and credits, these must lead to sites that are in some way related. I won’t, then, post an article and link to your Payday loan site. I would, however, for example, be absolutely thrilled to link out to your Vegan Shoes website or your personal blog about bird feeding! This site is a celebration of how wonderful animals are, and the benefits of an animal cruelty-free life on the body and on the soul; I’d love to link out to other spaces which share a similar sentiment.

   I hope I haven’t put too many folk off with this harsh wording but, having been a webmaster for a number of sites, I’m aware of just how many spam messages I’m likely to get. If you’re sincere in wishing to publish here, I’d be honoured to hear from you and eager to learn from you!

   Please email me your pitches, enquiries or other feedback to:

   I’d love to feature you!


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