Tuesday 28 March 2017

Free Tibet Vegan Sneakers from Komodo

komodo Vegan sneakers

   As I’ve previously mentioned on this site, there are numerous stereotypes widely associated with vegans and vegetarians. Their piousness and lack of humour often tops the list of the imaginary vegan check-list but, not far behind it, comes the notion that anybody who eschews animal products from their diet simply has no idea how to dress. To many members of the public asked to describe what a vegan may wear, I would suggest that “sandals” (either with or without socks) would score highly as would outdated knitwear.

   Yet, like most stereotypes, these ideas are there to be destroyed. There is nothing at all contradictory to be found in the notion of a well-dressed fashionista who steers clear of meat consumption – a love for animals doesn’t necessarily negate any sartorial understanding one may possess. In fact, it must be said, there are dozens of ethical fashion companies across the globe who are at the very forefront of the clothing industry in terms of both their aesthetics, comfort and, of course, values.

Komodo vegan footwear

   One such brand, the focus of today’s post, is eclectic label Komodo (named after the company’s proprietor Joe Komodo). The materials used by the studio (including organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and tencel) demonstrates a dedication to animal-friendly production of their goods and, equally, Komodo pride themselves on the treatment of the workers at their factories. That the company’s unique designs are rather splendid too is the icing on the cake here – it didn’t take me long after clicking on Komodo’s homepage to make my very first purchase from them.

   At this point, I must admit that some stereotypes are harder to extinguish – the pair of shoes I bought are named “Free Tibet”. It makes sense, though, that those that are ethically conscious in matters relating to animals would also support human rights; the plight of Tibet, Tibetan citizens and the displace Dalai Lama, as we all know, is not wonderful to say the least.

Close-up of Vegan shoes

   That the sneakers’ design, featuring the shining rays of the Free Tibet movement, might be described by the regressive alt-right as “virtue signalling” (one of their go-to buzzwords and phrases) is by-the-by. Even if this were the case, the fact they’re simultaneously rather visually appealing, even when excluding the political message on show, makes them a more than worthwhile purchase. These are a vivid and vibrant choice of footwear as far removed as the sandal/sock stereotype mentioned earlier as humanly possible.

Vegan Tibet shoes

   Perhaps the most important consideration, however, when choosing a pair of shoes is the comfort they provide. I'm very happy to report, then, that these Free Tibet Sneakers pass this test with flying colours instantly. Unlike, for example, a pair of Doc Martens which is likely to render one's feet covered in blisters and grazes for the first few ears, these Komodo shoes slip on and instantly let your feet feel at home. Knowing, too, that no animals were harmed in the making of them allows the wearer to feel good in more ways than one.

   A fantastic purchase and proof that vegan fashion, like the vegan diet, is the smart and ethical way forward.


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