Sunday 26 March 2017

Welcome To Woke Animal Party

   Hi you!

   Thank you very much for finding your way to Woke Animal Party and I hope it’s entertaining enough to encourage you to stick around a while.

   Whilst I’m writing this as the very first post on the blog, I do hope that, over the coming years, I can create a friendly online space which can be enjoyed by animal lovers everywhere – whether you’re interested in fashion, photography or film, I aim to create a site which will both inform and entertain anybody at all interested in the majestic creatures we share this earth with.

   This is a blog where I’ll give advice where I feel I can or, more often than not, simply chronicle my own experiences as I live through them. So, whilst I enjoy taking photographs of birds and wildlife, I’m still very much in the early phases of learning how to identify the best camera techniques or even the name of my subjects – its genuinely a thrilling place to be! There’s no more awe-inspiring place to be than in the first steps of a journey.

   Among other regular features on the site, I hope to bring to you news and views on charity campaigns, animal sanctuaries, ethical fashion, films and documentaries, wildlife photography, vegan recipes and fitness tips, and hopefully a whole slew of topics I’ve not even yet considered!

   I’d be absolutely delighted to hear from any of my readers with any feedback you might have – good or bad – and, equally, I’d cherish communication with anybody who’d like to contribute to this space. I’m open to reviews too, as long as they fit within the broad remit of the site, and you can contact me on Twitter at @wokeanimalparty
or via email at


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