Thursday 30 March 2017

Vegan-Friendly Fashion: Jord Wood Watches

Vegan-friendly Wood Watch by Jord

   To many, Veganism isn't just about what you put inside your body but what you put on it too. It's not simply about refraining from animal cruelty when it comes to food but, also, in relation to clothing too.

   Recently I wrote about a pair of Vegan Sneakers I acquired; footwear made entirely from plant-based sources and also bedecked with a Free Tibet logo so as to really strike home how Woke they truly are. They're also a testament to the fact that ethical fashion doesn't have to be sober or less aesthetically pleasing than "regular" style.

   On this theme, I realised that I've always attempted to favour a dapper, distinguished look in my day-to-day style - I like to veer more towards "smart" over "casual" when I can help it. And, as any would be sophisticated gent can tell you, a handsome timepiece is often a key ingredient when composing a splendiferous sartorial composition.

   Yet, and it's a big "yet", this is where a problem may begin to arise. A large percentage of top of the range wristpieces boast leather straps as part of their aesthetic appeal. This is no good, to say the least, if you're concerned with keeping a vegan-friendly approach to clothing. Does one have to chose between morals and appearance in this battle?

Jord Wood Watch packaging

   The answer, pleasingly, is no. Jord Wood Watches, an American-based brand who ship across the world, provide a solution to this puzzle - their watches are dazzlingly handsome and, also, made from materials we don't have to feel guilty about sporting. This, by any measure, is a win-win!

   Featured in this post is the Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood; my favourite item taken from the range and the best timepiece this writer has ever owned. The designs blend of contemporary minimalism and elegant traditionalism is a winning one - the fact that, in place of a leather strap, an animal-friendly wooden body makes for the bulk of the watch is even more satisfying. It's great to know that no animals were harmed in the making of this!

   Currently retailing at just $139, the watch represents great value particularly when considering the fact that each person is individually customised - a standard-fastening strap expected on regular watches has been replaced by a steel-clasp based on the buyer's wrist size.

Vegan-friendly watch clasp

   In summary, this timepiece isn't simply "good for a vegan-friendly watch" - this is a piece of wrist-wear which measures up aesthetically, in comfort stakes, and in any other standard you wish to measure it by to any similar item on the market.
   Over this blog's life, I hope to make it clear (over and over) that adopting a vegan lifestyle means you don't have to sacrifice anything you desire. Vegan food can be just as tasty (if not more-so) than consuming flesh. Ethical trips are much more fulfilling than visits to locations which exploit animals for entertainment. And, in relation to this post, vegan fashion is often much cooler, elegant and eloquent, than clothes borne through the agriculture-industry. You can feel good whilst looking good if you take a bit of time and thought with your style!

Vegan wooden watch



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